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ZOZHI motor company will recommend some soft for everybody.

Although many software is straightforward, the software is still too heavy. For example, changing the size of the picture and opening the PS takes dozens of seconds to wait for the software to open. The efficiency is not high, and I wouldn’t say I like to install a bunch of backup software, so Today, I will organize some high-quality websites for you. Just bookmark them directly.

PDF lovers

The first website is ilovepdf, which was born in Barcelona, Spain. It has more than 20 PDF-related functions, such as PDF to Word and Word to PDF.

There are many functions, and they are all free to use. For example, I tested whether to convert PDF to Word or directly convert the text. Unfortunately, it is impossible to edit a pile of pictures, unlike some tools.

Picture Tools Daquan

The second is a product made by the same company: iloveimg, mainly because the company’s products are straightforward to use, and the Chinese are also very good.

Of course, there are essential functions such as adding watermarks, changing image size, cropping, etc. In addition, there are image format conversion and simple editors. I usually use to modify the image size, and there is no need for extensive tools. One website can do it.

file converter
The third recommendation is Convertio, a file converter used by Google, Amazon, and Facebook employees. This website supports more than 25,600 different conversion methods between more than 300 other file formats.
It supports format conversion such as video, audio, and picture. For example, I used it to convert png to ico and icns format not long ago. However, if you use it to convert video, after all, the file is too big, and you have to upload and download it. Too convenient, but the picture conversion is still very convenient.

It is recommended that everyone collect it and save it to bookmarks, or collect this article. They may not use very often, but they will come in handy when needed!

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