Strong Plastic PP Fan blade For Y series Three Phase Induction Motor 2 4 6 8 Poles

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OPHS Series Motors

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Fujian China



Strong Plastic PP Fan Blades For Y series Three Phase Induction Motor  2 4 6 8 Poles


Electric Motor Cooling Fan Blades are used in electric motors for cooling purposes, The wide assortment of Electric Motor Cooling Fan Blade that we offer is available in various sizes

Y series AC motor fan blades data

Fan blade Y-80-2P2011118236
Fan blade Y-80-4/6/82012421286
Fan blade Y-90-2P241281926.56
Fan blade Y-90-4/6/82414422336
Fan blade Y-100-2/4/6/82814620316
Fan blade Y-112-2P2814620316
Fan blade Y-112-4/6/82817120416
Fan blade Y-132-2P3817333426
Fan blade Y-132-4/6/83820529476
Fan blade Y-160-2P4320534.5456
Fan blade Y-160-4/6/84325030496
Fan blade Y-180-2P5223030596
Fan blade Y-180-4/6/85227025599
Fan blade Y-200-2P5826023606
Fan blade Y-200-4/6/85831028609
Fan blade Y-225-2P6225035656
Fan blade Y-225-4/6/86231028609
Fan blade Y-250-2P6830535656
Fan blade Y-250-4/6/86836036759
Fan blade Y-280-2P8035040706
Fan blade Y-280-4/6/88038040509
Fan blade Y-315-2P753456010012
Fan blade Y-315-4/6/8905505011012
Fan blade Y-355-4